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How to Keep Your Cool When the Mercury is Rising

When the heat is rising to record-breaking levels, it can be really tough to stay cool. This summer, I found that my air conditioner had trouble keeping up with the temperatures. It wasn't that the AC wasn't working, it was just that I couldn't seem to get my house cooled down as much as I wanted. I worried that I would have to replace the whole AC system. Luckily, I have a good friend who works as an HVAC contractor. He took a look at my system and gave good news -- it didn't need to be replaced. Instead, he shared a lot of tips for helping my air conditioner work more efficiently, as well as some ideas to help supplement the AC and keep the house cooler. I'm using those tips to create this blog to share ways for all of us to keep cool on the hottest days.

The Four Main Types Of Duct Insulation

5 October 2015
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Ducts will lose heat in the winter, and gain heat in the summer, if they are not properly insulated. Insulated ducts will have an easier time maintaining the temperature of the air flow throughout your home, ensuring the overall comfort levels in your home. Additionally, because heat is not lost or gained while moving air throughout your home, your heating and cooling system will not need to use as much energy to control the climate within your home, saving you money on your energy bills. Read More …

The Importance Of Duct Cleaning

11 December 2014
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Duct cleaning often gets overlooked because it is the behind the scenes of your heating and air unit. Even though you don't think of the ductwork as much, it is one of the most important parts of your HVAC system. Since the ducts carry the cool or warm air throughout your home to keep it at a comfortable temperature, these ducts need to be clear so that they work efficiently. Continue reading to learn why you should have your ducts cleaned regularly. Read More …

Furnace Explosions: Little Warning, Big Damage

19 September 2014
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It happens every fall. The weather gets cooler, and you realize it is time to turn on the heat. If you are a responsible homeowner, you have already arranged for seasonal maintenance of your heating systems. However, some people procrastinate on this necessary upkeep. They turn on their furnaces, and KABLAM! The house was just blown sky-high by a furnace explosion. Furnace maintenance is often a pretty simple task. If you fail to keep your furnace in good repair, you may wish you were never born. Read More …

Revamp Your HVAC System With Air Purification Tools

18 September 2014
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While building homes so they are completely sealed does a lot to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, it also traps pollutants inside. Over time, this results in indoor air quality that is actually far worse than outside air. By installing some air purification tools into your HVAC system, you can keep the efficiency of your system up, while reducing the amount of pollutants inside your home. Filters All forced air systems have some sort of filter to help trap large particles that could damage your fan. Read More …