Three Keys To Improve Your Furnace Efficiency

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Three Keys To Improve Your Furnace Efficiency

11 November 2015
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Heating your home is one of the highest costs that you have to contend with as a homeowner. This does not, however, mean that you have to simply grit your teeth and deal with the high costs. Instead, you should take steps to improve the function of your furnace. The following suggestions can help.

Roofing Material

Heat gain may be the nemesis of an air-conditioning system, but it can be a boon to your furnace. Your choice of roofing material can play a huge role in boosting heat gain. Dark colors will absorb more of the sun's energy than light colors. Simply choosing a dark color for your roofing material can allow the sun to heat up your home, which can help to decrease the burden on your furnace. 

Window Films

Windows can allow the sun's UV rays into your home, but they will also allow heat from your furnace to escape your home. Because windows are well known for the poor insulation they provide, you should do whatever you can to increase your windows' ability to retain heat. One good idea is to install a reflective window film. This will allow you to benefit from natural light and some solar heating while reflecting the heat from your furnace back into your home. In this way, window film can help to reduce your heating costs by up to 25%

Insulated Doors

Your choice of exterior doors will have an important impact on the way your home looks, but it can also play an important role in how energy efficient your home is. While the look and feel of a solid panel door is inimitable, a solid door will not protect your home from the cold as well as an insulated door, which can insulate your home up to five times better. You should also choose a door that does not have a window, in that the window will greatly reduce the door's ability to stop the cold. 

When you try to enhance the function of your furnace, you need to take steps to both heat your home and to prevent your home from losing heat. The right roofing will help to increase solar heat gain, while the right window treatments can help to decrease heat loss. In fact, you should choose every exterior component of your home with an eye to how it will either help your home to heat up or retain heat. 

For more help, contact a professional who specializes in furnaces in your area.