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How to Keep Your Cool When the Mercury is Rising

When the heat is rising to record-breaking levels, it can be really tough to stay cool. This summer, I found that my air conditioner had trouble keeping up with the temperatures. It wasn't that the AC wasn't working, it was just that I couldn't seem to get my house cooled down as much as I wanted. I worried that I would have to replace the whole AC system. Luckily, I have a good friend who works as an HVAC contractor. He took a look at my system and gave good news -- it didn't need to be replaced. Instead, he shared a lot of tips for helping my air conditioner work more efficiently, as well as some ideas to help supplement the AC and keep the house cooler. I'm using those tips to create this blog to share ways for all of us to keep cool on the hottest days.

Why Your Residential Heating System May Stop Working

29 July 2021
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The winter months can be bitterly cold. That's why you have a heating system installed in your home to keep your family warm and cozy. Unfortunately, even the most reliable heating systems can break down, leaving you at the mercy of cold weather. There are numerous reasons why your residential heating equipment may stop working properly or at all. The good news is that most of those reasons are preventable. Some of the typical reasons why heating system failure occurs have been highlighted below. Read More …

3 Tips For Improving Indoor Air Quality So Your Home Has Cleaner And Fresher Air

6 July 2021
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Your home should support your family's health and provide them a place to retreat from pollen, air pollution, dust, and germs. However, your family, and even your pet, can carry in contaminants from the outdoors. Plus, if you like to leave your windows open, air pollution can waft in on the breeze. If you're concerned about the air quality in your house, you can take steps to improve it. Here are three tips for improving your home's indoor air quality. Read More …

4 Reasons Your Furnace Is Making A Lot Of Noise

1 June 2021
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When your furnace starts to make strange noises, you will want to look into the cause of that noise. There are a number of reasons why your furnace could be making noises, which is why it is important to understand the different reasons your furnace could be making those noises. Sound #1: Rattling Noise The first sound you need to watch out for is rattling. A rattling sound coming from your furnace often has a straightforward cause. Read More …

Replacing Old Air Conditioners With New Systems

12 May 2021
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Your air conditioning system will need to be replaced after several years of operation. When this occurs, a competent HVAC contractor must install the system to ensure proper installation and efficiency. The following are the steps that a licensed contractor takes to install your brand new air conditioning system: Uninstalling the Old System The first step entails removing the old air conditioning system before proceeding with installing the new one. The HVAC contractor will clean the surrounding area and clear any debris after the old HVAC system is removed. Read More …

Everything You Need To Know About Humidity And Your Home

9 April 2021
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Summer means warm days, picnic baskets, and time spent at the beach. Summer weather, however, can be quite humid. Typically, stepping into an air-conditioned house brings relief from that humidity. If you are running your air conditioning and the humidity is still affecting you indoors, you have a problem. Understanding what causes humidity in your home may help you find a solution.  Why your home may be humid In most cases, humidity in your home is caused by an older AC unit that is not functioning well and may only have one speed. Read More …