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How to Keep Your Cool When the Mercury is Rising

When the heat is rising to record-breaking levels, it can be really tough to stay cool. This summer, I found that my air conditioner had trouble keeping up with the temperatures. It wasn't that the AC wasn't working, it was just that I couldn't seem to get my house cooled down as much as I wanted. I worried that I would have to replace the whole AC system. Luckily, I have a good friend who works as an HVAC contractor. He took a look at my system and gave good news -- it didn't need to be replaced. Instead, he shared a lot of tips for helping my air conditioner work more efficiently, as well as some ideas to help supplement the AC and keep the house cooler. I'm using those tips to create this blog to share ways for all of us to keep cool on the hottest days.

Why Furnace Cleaning Is Important And An Overview Of How It’s Done

21 April 2019
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A clean furnace is able to operate much more efficiently than one that's clogged with dust. It's a good practice to have your furnace cleaned once a year as a preventative measure against dust buildup causing problems like furnace overheating. Here's a look at why furnace cleaning is so important and the steps involved. Why Your Furnace Needs To Be Cleaned Dust, pet hair, and other fine debris get pulled into your furnace since the air in your house is constantly circulating through it. Read More …

Can’t Decide Between Repairing or Replacing Your A/C? Consider These Factors

7 March 2019
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Every decision you make concerning your air conditioning system has its share of pros and cons. In some cases, repairing your A/C system is a better choice than replacing the entire system. In others, the exact opposite is true. Sooner or later, you'll have to make what is perhaps one of the toughest judgment calls for any homeowner to make. There are plenty of factors that'll influence your decision, so keep the following in mind as you decide between A/C repairs and complete A/C system replacement. Read More …

Benefits Of Performing Annual Central AC Maintenance

23 January 2019
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Preventative maintenance is an important type of service for many things you own in life, including your home's central air conditioning system. This type of service is not designed for times when you are experiencing problems with the AC system, but it is designed instead to prevent problems and keep your system running properly. Here are four benefits you can reap if you choose to have AC preventative maintenance completed each year. Read More …

Prepare For A Winter Of Low Electricity Usage

12 December 2018
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Winter is hard on the electricity bills. The cooler temperatures, the shorter days, the need for entertainment – all of these things contribute to the higher electricity bills during the winter. Here, you'll find a few tips that will help you reduce your electricity consumption this year. Service the Heating System Whether your furnace is heated with gas or electricity, you need to have the system serviced to ensure that it is operating as efficiently as possible. Read More …

Worried About Heating Replacement Costs? Go Frugal With These Tips

6 November 2018
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The cost of replacing a failing heating system is a serious consideration for most homeowners. According to a leading consumer organization, the current national average cost to replace a furnace is about $4,200. For households that are already financially stressed, this cost can seem insurmountable. If you are worried about the condition of your current furnace but even more worried about the cost of replacing it, these frugal tips can help. Read More …