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How to Keep Your Cool When the Mercury is Rising

When the heat is rising to record-breaking levels, it can be really tough to stay cool. This summer, I found that my air conditioner had trouble keeping up with the temperatures. It wasn't that the AC wasn't working, it was just that I couldn't seem to get my house cooled down as much as I wanted. I worried that I would have to replace the whole AC system. Luckily, I have a good friend who works as an HVAC contractor. He took a look at my system and gave good news -- it didn't need to be replaced. Instead, he shared a lot of tips for helping my air conditioner work more efficiently, as well as some ideas to help supplement the AC and keep the house cooler. I'm using those tips to create this blog to share ways for all of us to keep cool on the hottest days.

3 Tips For Buying And Maintaining Home Heating

24 July 2017
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To make sure that you are getting the best from your home heating, you always need to get the help of contractors that can provide you with any service that you need. By learning a little bit about home heating system maintenance and finding the help of professionals that can look out for you, you'll be well taken care of. Consider the guidelines in this article and use them to get the most out of your home heating. Read More …

Summer Heatwaves And Cooling Problems: 3 Common AC Parts Failures And The Repairs You Will Need

24 July 2017
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During the summer months, there are many parts on your AC that can fail; blowers stop working, compressors overheat and coils can freeze-over. Some of the problems may have simple solutions to get your AC working again, while other issues will mean that some parts need to be replaced. Here are some of the common parts that fail during summer heatwaves when your AC is working its hardest: 1. Freezing Coils and the Problems That They Cause with AC Systems Read More …

Maintaining Your Heating And Cooling System

13 July 2017
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The heating and air conditioning in your home can make even the coldest winter nights or the hottest summer days completely fine. There is something very nice about coming the house out of the heat on a hot July day. However, there are many different things that can go wrong with a heating or air conditioning system. It is important that the system is maintained properly. If not maintained, then you could find yourself on those hot summer days, or cold winter nights without heating or air conditioning. Read More …

Blue Skies, Sunny Days And A Failing AC During Heatwaves: Top 3 AC Problems That Strike in Summer

23 June 2017
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As clear blue skies and sunny weather begin to make it feel like summer, there are also extremely hot days coming and the AC is running. When the weather gets hot, the AC in your home is working constantly to keep you cool and comfortable. Heatwaves during those sunny days of summer, also mean that many homeowners are going to experience air conditioner failures. Here are some of the most common AC problems that can ruin blue skies and sunny days: Read More …

Preventative Maintenance Steps That Get Your AC Ready For Summer

10 June 2017
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If you want to spare yourself the misery of sweltering on a hot summer day due to an air conditioner malfunction, you should have your HVAC inspected and serviced regularly. An AC tune-up is more affordable than costly repairs, especially if you have to make a call for emergency service. The ideal time to call an HVAC contractor is in the spring before the summer cooling season begins. These are some things that might be done to ensure your AC is ready for a season of steady work. Read More …