How to Keep Your Cool When the Mercury is Rising

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How to Keep Your Cool When the Mercury is Rising

When the heat is rising to record-breaking levels, it can be really tough to stay cool. This summer, I found that my air conditioner had trouble keeping up with the temperatures. It wasn't that the AC wasn't working, it was just that I couldn't seem to get my house cooled down as much as I wanted. I worried that I would have to replace the whole AC system. Luckily, I have a good friend who works as an HVAC contractor. He took a look at my system and gave good news -- it didn't need to be replaced. Instead, he shared a lot of tips for helping my air conditioner work more efficiently, as well as some ideas to help supplement the AC and keep the house cooler. I'm using those tips to create this blog to share ways for all of us to keep cool on the hottest days.

Insulating Your Pipes: A Primer

11 May 2016
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As the cold winter months come in, it's important to take any precaution you can against the possibility of frozen pipes. Frozen pipes can lead to burst pipes, and burst pipes can lead to a hefty amount paid out of pocket for repairs. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you'll learn a bit about insulating your pipes and why it is a good idea. Saving Money Insulating your pipes is an inexpensive way to prevent you from having to spend far more cash down the road. Read More …

The Advantages Of Geothermal Heating For A Homeonwer

5 April 2016
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You don't have to have your home parked over a geyser in order to benefit from geothermal heating and cooling for your home, yet there are those who think that geothermal heating only refers to harnessing the earth's heat in order to provide heating for a home. That type of heating requires a heat source that is close to the earth's surface. While that type of heating will not work in most neighborhoods, a ground-source heat pump will. Read More …

2 Reasons To Choose Radiant Heat

21 March 2016
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Radiant heat is among the most effective home heating options available to you. Listed below are just two of the reasons to choose radiant heat over the alternatives. Cleaner Air One of the best reasons to opt for radiant heating in your home is that it can help make the air in your home much cleaner than if you were to choose a forced-air heating option. A big reason for this is that forced-air uses duct systems that can become quite dirty over time. Read More …

Are Smart Thermostats A Smart Choice?

3 February 2016
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Thermostats used to be simple, but nowadays there are many different kinds to choose from. You may have heard of smart thermostats and wonder if they are worth the expense. Here you will get some information about smart thermostats so you can decide if they are a smart choice. Savings With a Smart Thermostat There are savings to be had with a smart thermostat, but they depend on a lot of different factors. Read More …

3 Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Hot Water Heater

28 January 2016
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If you're like most people, you probably don't think about your hot water heater often but you probably rely on it a lot. Life would likely be a lot less pleasant without hot showers and properly heated water for washing clothing and dishes. Buying a new water heater can be quite expensive, so the majority of people tend to want to make their current heater last as long as possible. Use the following tips to extend the life of your hot water heater: Read More …