4 Heating Services That Can Extend The Life Of Your Furnace And Lower Energy Costs

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4 Heating Services That Can Extend The Life Of Your Furnace And Lower Energy Costs

3 April 2023
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Which heating services can extend the life of your furnace and increase the overall energy efficiency of your HVAC unit? Take a look at the professional heating system services that can reduce the need for premature furnace replacement and decrease your utility costs.

Schedule A Professional Cleaning and Inspection

Even though a filter change is an easy DIY heater maintenance service, a total system cleaning and inspection are not do-it-yourself options. To maximize your heater's efficiency, you need to schedule professional pre- or post-season services.

A technician will inspect the system, look for areas of wear or damage, make repairs as needed, and clean the interior and exterior components. If you aren't sure which air filter can help to reduce energy usage or you don't know how to change/clean this part of the system, the HVAC professional can address these issues during a routine maintenance service call. 

Schedule A Thermostat Upgrade

Does your home have a programmable or smart thermostat? While you want to keep the interior air at a comfortable level, you may not need a high heating setting at all times. A programmable or smart thermostat allows you to make changes in advance and lower the temperature while you're at work, at school, on vacation, or asleep. This lower setting reduces the strain on the system, extending the life of your furnace and decreasing energy/utility bills.

Schedule A Duct Service

The HVAC system's ducts carry heated air from the furnace throughout your house. If the ducts have significant wear or damage, air can leak out. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, these leaks can raise home heating bills by hundreds of dollars annually. If you've never scheduled a duct inspection, you suspect there is an air leak, or you haven't had a duct service in several years, now is the time to call for an appointment. If the technician does find a leak, they will review the repair and replacement options. 

The absence of a noticeable leak or damage doesn't always mean that your system's ducts are energy-efficient. Uninsulated air ducts can also add strain to an HVAC system and increase energy usage/heating costs. A qualified HVAC contractor can make sure your home's air ducts have adequate insulation. 

Schedule A Repair Service

Does your heater make strange sounds, have odd odors, heat unevenly, or blow cool air? Damage to a system puts added stress on the furnace. This can result in premature system failure or significantly impact your utility costs. If you suspect your system has a problem, don't wait to schedule a repair service call. The sooner a professional finds and fixes the problem, the better.

For more information about heating services, contact a local company.