5 Signs A Business Needs To Repair An AC System

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5 Signs A Business Needs To Repair An AC System

23 August 2022
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Any business that uses air conditioning is bound to have issues with its systems. Some of the biggest expenses, though, come from not intervening in time. If anyone sees signs of these 5 problems at your location, it's wise to contact a commercial AC repair technician.


No one wants condensation in a building because it can promote mold, moisten inventory, lead to freezing issues, and make the overall environment unpleasant. If you're confident that the AC system is the right size for your building's needs, condensation is likely a sign that something is buggy. An older system may be struggling to keep up with demand as its components wear out, for example. If you're seeing condensation collecting, especially near windows, refrigeration units, doors, or ceilings, ask a commercial air conditioner contractor to pay a visit.

Harsh Sounds

Some commercial AC units that are large can produce low and steady noises. However, they shouldn't make harsh sounds during their normal operation cycles. For example, you might hear crunching, metallic grinding, or a loud squeal. These are all signs that a mechanical component has either failed or is struggling.


Ideally, the air coming from a commercial air conditioning unit into the building should have no scent. Anything that's imbuing a smell into the indoor airflow is likely bad. Given that many commercial units are installed on roofs, it is always worth looking for signs that birds or other animals are inhabiting the outer parts of the systems. Likewise, you should check the filters. If neither of these proves to be the culprit, then you should let a commercial AC repair professional examine the system.

Skyrocketing Electricity Bills

Units frequently use more electricity as they overcompensate for problems. If a unit isn't expelling as much moisture as it should, for example, it may have to run longer cycles to get the same work done. Notably, the unit could be in otherwise great shape, but something might be preventing it from functioning at peak efficiency.

You will want to check your electricity bill rates for change before you assume the AC is the culprit. Also, it's a good idea to see if recent weather might explain the issue. Once you've ruled those out, it's probably time for a repair visit.

Annual Check-Up

Finally, you should consider having a technician check each system at least once a year. If it has been more than a year since anyone gave any attention to a commercial unit, it's overdue. In some high-demand settings, such as shopping complexes, you may even need to increase the scheduling rate.

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