How Can Replacing Your Furnace Save You Money?

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How Can Replacing Your Furnace Save You Money?

19 June 2023
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Replacing a furnace is not cheap. The job usually costs several thousand dollars, and you not only have to pay for the appliance but also the labor to install it. Because of this, when someone suggests that replacing your furnace can save you money, your initial reaction may be to shrug them off. But these people are telling you the truth. In certain situations, replacing your old furnace can truly allow you to save money in a few different ways.

You'll save money on future repairs 

If your furnace has a worn ball bearing or a torn blower motor belt, these repairs are usually worth making because they're inexpensive and can be done pretty quickly. But bigger furnace repairs, such as replacing the whole burner or blower motor, are not always worth it. The repairs can take half a day or a full day to perform, which means the labor cost is significant. The cost of the parts can also add up. Furthermore, if you repair an old furnace this year, you will likely need to pay for additional repairs in the years to come. The costs will soon add up and be more than the cost of replacing your furnace. If you just replace the old furnace when it starts to have major breakdowns, you'll be saving money in the long run.

You'll save money on energy

People often underestimate just how much energy they can save by replacing their furnaces. Furnaces tend to lose efficiency as they age, which means your old furnace probably uses more energy now than it did a few years back. Therefore a new furnace will use less energy not only because it is designed to do so, but also because it is new.

Many newer furnaces have two-stage fans. They operate at a low speed on normal heating days and only kick up to high speed on the coldest of days. This allows them to use less energy on most days of the year. Plus, you can pair your new furnace with a smart thermostat, which will allow you to better monitor your energy use and control it.

Replacing your old furnace can save you money, and in more ways than one. Your new furnace should use less energy, and it will require fewer costly repairs in the coming years. Talk to an HVAC company, such as Allied Mechanical & Electrical, Inc., to learn more.