When Is It Time To Replace Parts On Your Range?

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When Is It Time To Replace Parts On Your Range?

13 July 2022
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Replacing parts on a stove or oven may cost more than simple patching repairs, but in the long run, it's more efficient to replace parts than it is to rig something up to keep everything working. Many repairs require just tightening bolts, cleaning grills, and so on, but after a while, you have to do some major replacement of older parts. It's the safest thing to do because on a range, especially a gas range, you do not want to mess around. An appliance repair and HVAC company can help you keep a gas range in good working order.

The Range Keeps Smelling Like Leaking Gas

If you're having constant gas leaks that have to be stopped, bolts tightened, and hoses patched, it's time to take a very good look at the gas lines leading into the range, along with the igniter and burner. It could be that there is one persistent trouble spot, or the whole apparatus could be so old that leaks are opening up everywhere. If this keeps going on, it puts you in danger. Have a repair person replace everything that has previously leaked, from the hoses to the burners if necessary.

Gaps Along the Oven Door

Oven doors should close securely and not leave gaps open along the sides or top. If you notice that the gasket around the door is warping, or the door doesn't seem to close evenly, that needs attention. The gaps can let out enough heat to prevent food from cooking properly, which can lead to undercooked meat and other unsafe foods. Sometimes, replacing the gasket is all that is needed, but the door itself might have issues that require replacement.

When One Repair Leads to Another

It can be very frustrating to fix one thing and then find that making that thing work properly causes another thing to break. If you start noticing these patterns with your range, you have the option of replacing the entire thing, which might be advisable. However, if the pattern involves items that are closely related (e.g., literally right next to each other as part of the same subsystem within the range), then replacing the entire apparatus that's breaking down is an option, even if there are parts that currently seem to be alright. Given the pattern, it's only a matter of time before those other parts break down, too.

Many companies do combined appliance and HVAC repair. If you know of a good HVAC company and need replacement parts and repair for a Southbend part or other brand, see if they also take care of appliances so that you know you'll get great service.