Air Conditioner Repair: Understanding The System Components And Why They Fail

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Air Conditioner Repair: Understanding The System Components And Why They Fail

27 May 2022
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The most comfortable experience in your home is a summer where your air conditioner system works optimally. When the system fails, you are left dealing with complications like stuffiness in the house, high humidity, and poor indoor air quality. It is crucial to understand all the parts of the AC and their function. With this knowledge, you can tell when components malfunction and find ways to fix them. Here are some of the top components of the AC and the signs they need repair. 

The Blower

The AC works by taking the warm air in the room and passing it through a system that cools it down. Once the air is cool, another part of the system pushes it back into the room, completing the cycle. The blower is the component of the AC appliance that draws the air from the room and blows it over the evaporator coils. It also blows the air back into the room after cooling. You can tell the blower is broken when the air circulation stops. An AC contractor can help repair a ruined blower and restore the function. 

The Coil to the Appliance's Condenser

The condensing coil is another crucial component of the AC unit. It is the outdoor equivalent of the evaporator coil, but its function is the opposite. When the evaporated refrigerant from the house gets to the condenser, it loses most of its heat. The condensing system cools down the refrigerant, releasing the heat to the outdoors. Since the coil is outside the house, sometimes dirt accumulates. The grime can interfere with the system's efficiency. Cleaning the coils usually fixes this problem. If the system doesn't improve after cleaning, consider getting a technician to check whether it might have other damages. 

The Air Filters

The filters are another vital component of the AC system. They control the air quality in the home by removing dust, dirt, and other contaminants from the system. It is best to replace your AC filters at least once every three months. You can also check and figure out whether your system might benefit from superior quality filters with the ability to kill harmful pathogens in the air. Clean filters set the pace for the function of the rest of the system.

These are the three crucial components of the air conditioner and their importance. Call an AC contractor immediately if you notice issues with the system. They will help you resolve the issue while maintaining comfort in your home.