4 Pieces Of Fire Equipment Your Homeowner's Association Fire Department Should Have

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4 Pieces Of Fire Equipment Your Homeowner's Association Fire Department Should Have

28 February 2022
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It is important to make sure that your homeowner's association fire department is well-equipped. Here are a few pieces of fire equipment to consider investing in to enhance the effectiveness of your HOA fire department:

A Hose Pack 

One helpful piece of fire equipment you should consider investing in for your homeowner's association is a hose pack. This type of equipment will allow your firefighter team to make an extra fire hose portable so that it can be used in places where the fire truck cannot easily reach. For example, your team might need to respond to a fire at the gazebo in the community park where the fire hoses connected to the fire truck cannot reach. Your team can carry their hose pack to the fire location and hook it up to a nearby water source to fight the fire.

A Positive Pressure Fan

Your firefighters can put fires out without the help of a positive pressure fan but having one to rely on can make the job safer and easier for everyone involved. A positive pressure fan provides ventilation in an area to help quickly remove smoke, get rid of heat, and reduce the presence of combustive compounds and chemicals. This is extremely helpful when it comes to entering a structure to put out smoldering fires or to get rid of smoke immediately after a fire has been extinguished.

An EMS Manikin

The main job of your community's firefighters is to put fires out, but there may be times when someone needs medical help at a fire site for some reason. Maybe they have inhaled too much smoke and cannot breathe, or they injured themselves when trying to get out of a burning structure. Whatever the case, your firefighters should know how to provide basic medical care until an ambulance can reach the scene. Having an EMS manikin around will give your firefighters something to practice on when they train to handle medical emergencies.

A Storage Wall Rack

The way all the equipment in your community's firehouse is stored can impact your firefighter team's ability to efficiently respond to fires. Installing a storage wall rack that features large hooks and shelves will allow the firefighting team to safely store their gear where it can be easily accessed in the event of a fire emergency. They won't have to dig through boxes or run to another room to gain access to the things they need to fight fires. They can simply stop by the wall rack near the fire truck and grab what they need as they go.