Air Conditioning Projects To Start Planning This Fall For Lower Energy Bills Next Summer

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Air Conditioning Projects To Start Planning This Fall For Lower Energy Bills Next Summer

12 October 2021
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As the fall weather brings cooler temperatures, it might be time to start planning on staying cool next summer. You might want to start planning AC projects while you are having your heating system serviced for the winter months. The following air conditioning projects are some of the things you might want to start planning while the weather's cool:

Thorough AC Tune-Up

One of the first things that you might want to do is a thorough AC tune-up. This is more than just having regular maintenance and services done, like changing the filter. In addition to the normal maintenance, an AC service technician will also check the levels of refrigerant, inspect the entire system and calibrate the thermostat. This will ensure that your AC is working efficiently when it is needed.

Repairing and Upgrading Ductwork

The ducts are often parts of AC systems that are overlooked. Over years of use, they can wear out, and issues like pests and moisture can damage the insulation. Thus, it might be time to consider upgrading the ductwork in your home rather than repairs. When planning the upgrades to the ductwork, you want to make adjustments to keep the runs of ducts as short as possible. You also want to consider improvements that prevent restricted airflow, such as replacing flexible ducts with rigid elbows where they are needed.

AC Replacement with More Efficient Equipment

Another option to consider planning this fall is a complete AC replacement. Today, the air conditioner you have installed to replace the old unit can be much more efficient, and there are different options for these systems. These can be conventional high-efficiency AC units, or they can be AC heat pumps. If you are considering installing an AC heat pump, consider using it to replace the furnace too, which is better because it will give your more efficient heating and cooling.

Zoned HVAC and Smart Thermostat Controls Upgrades

Another project to plan is changing your HVAC system to zoned air conditioning. Zoned system designs are one of the best ways to get more comfort and energy savings from your HVAC system, which can be expensive to run. What's zoned HVAC? When people think of heat pumps and air conditioning systems, they usually imagine a single central unit in the house sending cool or warm air throughout several rooms and spaces. Zoned systems work differently because they only send the air to the areas where it is needed. They can be combined with smart controls to maximize the efficiency and comfort of your system.

Now that the weather is cooler, planning an AC project can be a good move to reduce your cooling costs next summer. Contact an air conditioning service to discuss some of these improvements for your system before the weather gets warm again.