Six Key Services You May Need From Your Air Conditioning Contractor

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Six Key Services You May Need From Your Air Conditioning Contractor

4 March 2021
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There are numerous reasons why you may need to find an air conditioning contractor. Air conditioning contractors provide a variety of services that help keep the interior of your home comfortable during periods of warm weather. 

It's important to set up an appointment promptly when the AC system of your home needs to be looked at and serviced by an experienced professional. The following are six key services you may need from your air conditioning contractor


When you first have an air conditioner unit put in your home, you will need to find the right air conditioning contractor to handle the installation. Prior to installation, you can also have your AC contractor help you pick out the right AC model. 

Routine maintenance

If you want your air conditioning system to continue functioning properly, you are going to have to keep up with needed maintenance. 

Important routine maintenance for an air conditioner includes replacing your AC filter, keeping the condenser and evaporator coil clean, and making sure the condensate drains are not clogged.

Many AC contractors offer maintenance schedules that help reduce the costs of routine maintenance and ensure that you don't overlook important maintenance tasks. 

Repairs for your malfunctioning AC unit

Probably the most important thing you need an air conditioning contractor for is to perform repairs when your AC system is not working properly. 

Some of the most common repair needs you'll need to schedule an appointment with an AC contractor for include water leaks, refrigerant leaks, frozen evaporator coils, and electrical malfunctions. 

AC unit inspections

In addition to routine maintenance, you should also find an AC contractor to perform routine AC unit inspections. Inspections help you to prevent malfunctions.

There are many AC malfunctions that could give warning signs that will be detected by inspections before an AC system actually stops working. Routine inspections can save you from the discomfort of having to wait for repairs after malfunctions occur. 

Efficiency updates

If you feel like your AC is consuming more energy than it should, it might be time to invest in some efficiency upgrades. You can improve AC efficiency by replacing your AC unit with a newer model, sealing your ducts, getting a newer thermostat, or clearing obstructions to airflow from your AC unit. 

Answers to questions you have about AC selection and operation

It's helpful to have an air conditioning contractor answer questions you have about your AC system. If you're concerned that your AC system isn't functioning properly or wondering how to make it more efficient, you can consult your AC contractor. This keeps your household comfortable and helps you stay on top of needed repairs and maintenance.