Is Your AC Short-Cycling? 4 Problems You Face If You Don't Take Care Of Repairs Right Away

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Is Your AC Short-Cycling? 4 Problems You Face If You Don't Take Care Of Repairs Right Away

9 October 2020
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If your air conditioner is short-cycling, meaning it's turning on and off more frequently, you might not realize that there's a problem. In fact, most homeowners don't even think twice when their air conditioners short-cycle. In most cases, they think that their AC is just keeping up with the need for cool air. Unfortunately, that's not the case. When air conditioners short-cycle, there is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. If your air conditioner is short-cycling, it's at an increased risk for damage. Read the list provided below. Here are just three of the problems your air conditioner may face if it continues to short-cycle. 

Damages the Air Compressor

If you've noticed that your air conditioner is short-cycling and the problem has been going on for a while, it could be damaging your air compressor. Each time your air conditioner turns on, the air compressor is activated. Under normal circumstances, the air compressor can keep up with the demand. But that's not the case when your air conditioner is short-cycling. When that happens, the air compressor is put under increased pressure, which leads to damage. If the damage continues, you'll need to replace the compressor. You can avoid damage to the air compressor by taking care of repairs as soon as short-cycling becomes a problem. 

Shorts Out the Electrical System

If your air conditioner has started short-cycling, it's time to start worrying about the electrical system. You might not realize this, but short-cycling can wreak havoc on the wiring connected to your air conditioner. In fact, short-cycling can overheat the wires, which can lead to an electrical short. Unfortunately, electrical shorts can destroy your entire air conditioner. Not only that, but it can blow the electrical circuit to your home, which will require additional repairs. To protect your air conditioner and prevent additional damage, take care of the short-cycling repairs before the electrical wiring gets involved. 

Decreases the Life of Your AC

If you've ever replaced your air conditioner before, you know how expensive the project can be. Unfortunately, if your air conditioner continues to short-cycle, you'll be looking at a replacement sooner than you might expect. Short-cycling puts undue pressure on your entire air conditioner, including the motor. If the problem continues, your air conditioner may suffer irreparable damage. Luckily, you can reduce that risk by taking care of repairs in a timely manner.

Keep your air conditioner up and running. If you notice that your air conditioner is short-cycling, call an air conditioning repair contractor right away.