Bathroom Plumbing Tips For Homeowners

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Bathroom Plumbing Tips For Homeowners

15 July 2020
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Bathroom plumbing systems can be among the most used parts of the home's plumbing. This can lead to homeowners needing to have both major repairs and routine upgrades made to this part of the home over the years that they live in it.

Mitigate Hair Clogs

Hair clogs are likely one of the most common threats that your bathroom will experience. When these clogs form, they can contribute to the entire plumbing for the bathroom backing backed up if they are able to form in the primary drain line for the bathroom. You can help to reduce the amount of hair that enters the drains in your bathroom by using drain strainers that will be able to intercept any hair before it can go down the drain. Periodically having these drains professionally cleaned can also be an option for reducing the amount of hair that is able to make it down the drains.

Consider Plumbing Upgrades To Reduce Water Usage

Reducing the amount of water that the bathroom is using can help to lower the home's water utility expenses by a substantial amount. However, making these upgrades is likely to be beyond the skills of most homeowners. Considering that incorrectly installed plumbing fixtures can be extremely damaging, a homeowner will be well-advised to hire a bathroom plumbing contractor to oversee this installation. These professionals can also assist with choosing the plumbing fixtures that will use the least amount of water while still providing you with the performance and water pressure that you expect from your bathroom plumbing fixtures.

Insulate Pipes Along Exterior Bathroom Walls

Many bathrooms will have a wall that is on the exterior of the home. If there are plumbing pipes that are installed behind this wall, they can be at an extremely high risk of freezing during the winter months. Older homes that were built using a fairly limited amount of insulation can be a higher risk of encountering this problem as the pipes will be exposed to far colder temperatures. A bathroom plumbing contractor can assist a homeowner by adding protective insulation to these pipes so that they will retain enough heat to reduce the risk of them freezing during the cold winters. In addition to being a simple upgrade, it can also be extremely inexpensive. Without this simple and effective upgrade, the home's exterior wall pipes would be at a far greater risk of rupturing and causing extensive water damage to the home.

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