The Different Types Of Clogs Commercial Plumbers See Vs. Residential Plumbing Clogs

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The Different Types Of Clogs Commercial Plumbers See Vs. Residential Plumbing Clogs

13 September 2019
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Do you ever stop to think about how pipes and plumbing of different sorts experience different clogs? Residential plumbers are faced with very different sorts of clogs than commercial plumbing contractors. What clogs a pipe in a factory is rarely what clogs a pipe in your bathroom at home. Here are some of the more astonishing clogs commercial plumbers see and what they do to clear these clogs. 

Crude Oil Clumps

Oil companies have some sticky situations with crude oil. This substance is, after all, the fossil remains of many things long dead. When a crude oil company gets a clog in an oil pipeline, guess what is found stuck in the mire? Sometimes it is old bones, and sometimes it is a recently deceased animal that became trapped in the oil down in the ground and is now traveling through the pipe to the refinery or the tanker. Sometimes it is even a mass of tar and stuck-together rocks that will take either a jackhammer or a lot of fire to break it apart. The commercial plumber called in to handle these crude oil clumps has to assess the clump and choose a method of removing it and/or breaking it up. 

Meat Processing Muck

If you have never been in a meat processing plant, you are fortunate. There is a lot of blood from the slaughtered animals, along with organs, entrails, and feces. All of that is washed down large drains in the floor, but blood being what it is, clots develop. Fats solidify, and feces makes for a mucky mess. All of this is supposed to wash through pipes into holding tanks until it can be removed and destroyed or used as fertilizer. When something gets stuck in these pipes, the commercial plumber has to either grind it up inside the pipe or yank it out and hope the rest in the pipe will not stick in the process. 

Produce Processing Plant Problem

Probably the least nasally offensive is in a produce processing plant. All of the unwanted produce greens, stems, and bits are washed away with dirt and soil. You already know what happens when soil is saturated with water and comes together, but when the bits of unwanted produce are mixed into the wet mud in the pipe, you can bet there will be a clog. High-powered jets of water are flushed through the pipes regularly to keep things flowing, but every once in a while, a commercial plumber has to be called.