Why Furnace Cleaning Is Important And An Overview Of How It's Done

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Why Furnace Cleaning Is Important And An Overview Of How It's Done

21 April 2019
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A clean furnace is able to operate much more efficiently than one that's clogged with dust. It's a good practice to have your furnace cleaned once a year as a preventative measure against dust buildup causing problems like furnace overheating. Here's a look at why furnace cleaning is so important and the steps involved.

Why Your Furnace Needs To Be Cleaned

Dust, pet hair, and other fine debris get pulled into your furnace since the air in your house is constantly circulating through it. The furnace filter keeps most of the debris and dust out, but some will still get in, especially if you don't keep the filter changed on schedule. When dust builds up inside the furnace, it settles on the blower and that can cause the blower to work harder, break down, or overheat. Furnace overheating can be a serious problem because if the heat exchanger overheats, it can crack.

A cracked exchanger leaks carbon monoxide into your home and that can be a health danger. Something as simple as having a filter clogged with dust could result in damage to your furnace that is expensive to repair.

The Steps Involved With Furnace Cleaning

There are two steps for keeping your furnace free of dust. The first step is very important, and that involves changing the filter monthly or as recommended by the furnace manufacturer. You'll need to do this yourself along with keeping dust cleaned from the registers and from around the furnace. The second step is to have the furnace cleaned by a professional on an annual basis. A professional will pull parts out of the furnace and clean them thoroughly. This might involve using a vacuum, brushes, emery pads, and cloths.

One important part that needs to be cleaned is the blower that has several blades that accumulate dust. If you have a gas furnace, then the burners and ignition parts may need to be cleaned of soot. Cleaning a furnace is careful work since some parts need to be handled carefully so they aren't damaged during the process. Once the dust and soot have been removed from the furnace, the parts are serviced and then placed back into position.

When you have your furnace cleaned and serviced right before heating season begins, you know it will be ready for the winter months and that it will operate efficiently. However, you can have your furnace cleaned any time of year. The important thing is to keep it clean so dust doesn't cause damage. Contact a service, like Moore Heating & Air Conditioning Inc, for more help.