Can't Decide Between Repairing or Replacing Your A/C? Consider These Factors

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Can't Decide Between Repairing or Replacing Your A/C? Consider These Factors

7 March 2019
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Every decision you make concerning your air conditioning system has its share of pros and cons. In some cases, repairing your A/C system is a better choice than replacing the entire system. In others, the exact opposite is true. Sooner or later, you'll have to make what is perhaps one of the toughest judgment calls for any homeowner to make.

There are plenty of factors that'll influence your decision, so keep the following in mind as you decide between A/C repairs and complete A/C system replacement.

System Lifespan

When deciding between repairs and replacement, it's crucial to take your A/C system's age into consideration. Most modern A/C systems are designed to last for 10 to 12 years without any serious issues. Some units last even longer with the proper level of maintenance and upkeep. Nevertheless, most experts recommend an A/C system replacement around the 10-year mark, especially if your current unit only receives basic maintenance.

Repairs make sense when your A/C system is relatively brand new. On an older system that's past its prime, however, the time, money, and effort spent on constant repairs could be put to better use towards installing a newer and more reliable A/C system.

You can roll the dice on extending your A/C system's working life by years or even decades, but that comes with plenty of drawbacks. Not only do the repairs become more frequent and more expensive, but the unit itself will steadily lose its efficiency as it ages.

Current Condition

Think about the current state of your A/C system. If you've kept up with regularly scheduled maintenance, then your unit is likely in good overall shape and, therefore, worth having repaired. For A/C systems plagued with shoddy maintenance or outright neglect, a quick repair won't be enough to get your system back on track. The number of breakdowns your A/C system suffers during a season of operation can also influence your decision to repair or replace the unit.

The overall quality of your A/C unit also plays an important role in your decision-making. A value-oriented A/C unit might not be worth repairing, in some cases, whereas an A/C system made from higher-quality components might be worth repairing.

Overall Cost

Finally, consider the cost of fixing your A/C system versus the cost of a total system replacement. Repairs often seem cheaper than replacement, but only in a short-term sense. In the long run, the cost of frequent A/C repairs could easily exceed the cost of a new A/C system. For A/C systems with a history of poor reliability and expensive repair bills, a replacement simply makes fiscal sense.

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