The Cooling Problems Of An Air Conditioner

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The Cooling Problems Of An Air Conditioner

8 April 2018
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Several things can go wrong with an air conditioner that causes it to stop reaching the temperature of your preference. The specific problems of concern can vary based on the type of cooling system you are using to obtain cold air. 

However, certain cooling problems are the same for numerous types of air conditioning systems. If you want the problems with your air conditioner to be diagnosed fast so repairs can be made, get in touch with a professional technician. Reading through the information in below will give you a general understanding of the problems that your air conditioner might possibly have.

Water & Refrigerant is Low

Whether you have a window unit or a central air conditioning system in your house, water and refrigerant are important. It is possible that the water or refrigerant is low when cooling problems arise. You might need to get the air conditioner recharged to bring the coolant to a satisfactory level. Air conditioners must have coolant because heat is taken from the air with it. Low or no coolant leads to no cold air coming from an air conditioner no matter how long it has been running. 

The Evaporator Coil Need to Be Replaced

No matter how much coolant is in an air conditioner, a level of coolness might not be produced without an evaporator coil. Basically, the evaporator coil is where coolant flows when you are trying to obtain cold air and set a low temperature on the thermostat. The coolant and coil work together to remove heat as warm air passes through the system from the fan. The key to heat being removed is for the coolant to make contact with the coil to make it cold. However, it's hard for coolant to touch the metal if there is a substantial amount of rust preventing it.

Problems Lie within the Thermostat

When there are problems with the thermostat, various cooling problems can develop with an air conditioner. For instance, a damaged needle can make it difficult to set the thermostat to the right temperature. Electrical problems can lead to a thermostat not being able to turn on, which means you won't receive any cold air. Some thermostat problems are the result of it needing to be recalibrated by a technician. Make an appointment with a technician as soon as you get time so he or she can inspect your air conditioner and find out why it has cooling problems.

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