4 Reasons To Consider Smart Vents For Your New Home's Heating System

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4 Reasons To Consider Smart Vents For Your New Home's Heating System

26 February 2018
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Building a new home allows you to customize every part of it, from the roofing right down to the heating system. Designing your home with efficiency in mind may lead you to consider many of the latest gadgets and smart home devices. Smart vents are one of the options for gaining more control over your heating system, and these four benefits may convince you to install them in your new home.

Reduce Wasted Heat

First, smart vents that communicate with a smart thermostat can lower your energy bills in some cases. This is because the vents will shut themselves when a room is rarely occupied or it is warmed by the sun and needs less air flow from the furnace. Reducing heat waste without having to manually adjust your vents or deal with cooler indoor temperatures may be worth the cost of these vents. There's no need to replace every vent to reap these benefits either, with many systems only recommending about a third of all heating vents being smart vents.

Redirect Necessary Warmth

If you're happy with what you already pay for heating but have a few rooms in far corners that stay a little cold in the winter, smart vents can also solve this problem. Since the vents usually feature some kind of secondary fan to increase airflow at the vent itself, these vents can increase the amount of heat going to specific parts of the home. This allows them to better mix air and balance out warm and cooler rooms. Some systems give you precise room to room controls so you can adjust the heat levels based on personal preferences.

Create Usage Zones

Zoning is a complex topic in heating systems, but smart vents give you some of the benefits of zoning without the need to completely design the entire HVAC system around the idea. Strategic placement allows you to divide heating areas into zones and control them separately through the apps offered by the manufacturers. However, don't expect the same results as you would get from a completely zoned installation.

Control from Afar

Finally, the opportunity for online and mobile control of your heating system is the primary draw for many homeowners who add smart vents to their homes. You can warm up your living room before anyone arrives home from work or turn down the heat when you know you'll be away for longer than you thought.