How To Improve Your AC Airflow

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How To Improve Your AC Airflow

18 September 2017
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The AC in your home is susceptible to decreased airflow over the years. Even if the main components are cleaned and serviced on a regular basis, your airflow might slow down over time. If you can find the cause of your slow airflow (there could be multiple causes), you can fix the problem much easier. Some problems can be easily fixed while others will need to be handled by professionals. This article explains how to check for the two most common problems with AC airflow:

A Dirty Furnace Filter

Yes, the furnace is a huge part of the airflow of your AC! Some people think that the furnace is only part of the heating system, so they fail to check it when it comes to HVAC problems. Even if you regularly check and change your filter, you might need to take some extra steps to ensure you have maximum airflow. Whenever you remove your filter from the compartment during the replacement process, you should clean out the compartment. Often, the dust blocked by the filter might fall into the compartment because it won't get absorbed. This dust can get caught in the tracks, where it prevents the new filter from being properly installed. The air blowing into the ducts will not only be slowed down, it also won't be as clean as it should be.

Bent Condenser Coils

The metal condenser coils that line the outside of the unit are susceptible to damage. Not only can they get dirty, they can also get bent and flattened. The metal rows, called fins, are supposed to be straight with even gaps between each fin. When your coils are bent and these gaps are closed, your condenser has to work harder to cool itself off. This means that it uses more electricity but still produces less cold air. You can fix bent coils to some extent using a condenser comb. This simple tool straightens the coils and creates even gaps between the aluminum fins.

However, when the fins are extremely bent to the point that they are flattened, it will be a little harder to fix them. You will need a small flathead screwdriver to pry the fins up. Doing this one by one will take a while. Then, you can use the comb to further straighten the coils.

With functional coils and air filters, your AC is bound to be more efficient. Contact an HVAC repair service for more information and assistance.