Summer Heatwaves And Cooling Problems: 3 Common AC Parts Failures And The Repairs You Will Need

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Summer Heatwaves And Cooling Problems: 3 Common AC Parts Failures And The Repairs You Will Need

24 July 2017
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During the summer months, there are many parts on your AC that can fail; blowers stop working, compressors overheat and coils can freeze-over. Some of the problems may have simple solutions to get your AC working again, while other issues will mean that some parts need to be replaced. Here are some of the common parts that fail during summer heatwaves when your AC is working its hardest:

1. Freezing Coils and the Problems That They Cause with AC Systems

The coils freezing on your air conditioning is one of the most common problems that you will encounter during the hot summer months. As the temperatures rise, your air conditioner is working harder and condensation will begin to form on the dust particles on dirty coils. The dust and dirt is what causes the coils to freeze, and cleaning the condensing coils is usually an easy way to fix the problem. It is important to catch these types of problems before they cause more serious damage to the AC system in your home.

2. AC Systems and Blower Motors That Have Gone Bad

Older AC systems may have problems with old blowers and the parts that wear out. Is your AC making a lot of noise when it comes on? This may be due to the bearings inside the blower becoming worn and a sign that the blower needs to be replaced or at least new ball-bearings installed. Sometimes, the problem can be much worse and years of wear will cause the blower motor to completely stop working and need to be replaced. It is usually easier to replace the entire blower, rather than just having a new blower motor installed.

3. Problems with The AC Compressor Caused by Freezing of The Coils

When the coils cause your AC to constantly freeze over, it will eventually cause damage to the compressor. The compressor in an AC is what compresses the gas and provides cooling to the unit. When the compressor is not working, your AC may come on, stay on, but never really cool your home. It can also cause dangerous leaks of the gas inside the AC unit and you will want to have an HVAC technician check the problem out.

These are some of the common AC parts failure problems that you are going to have to deal with during summer heatwaves. If your AC has stopped cooling, contact an HVAC repair service, such as Reid’s AC & Heat, to inspect your system for problems and complete the needed repairs.