Maintaining Your Heating And Cooling System

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Maintaining Your Heating And Cooling System

13 July 2017
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The heating and air conditioning in your home can make even the coldest winter nights or the hottest summer days completely fine. There is something very nice about coming the house out of the heat on a hot July day. However, there are many different things that can go wrong with a heating or air conditioning system.

It is important that the system is maintained properly. If not maintained, then you could find yourself on those hot summer days, or cold winter nights without heating or air conditioning. Here are a few ideas to help you maintain your heating and air conditioning system.

Clean the Air Ducts

One aspect of your heating and air conditioning system that is often overlooked is the the air duct system. It may seem like these air ducts would require no maintenance, but it is important that these ducts are completely cleaned. Over time dust and mold can actually start to obstruct the passage of air through the duct. If the duct is partly blocked off then the system is going to have to work much harder to get the air through the home.

If extra tension is put on the system, then problems can arise. Take a high power vacuum and periodically vacuum out the air ducts. Then, every other year it is a good idea to have a professional clean out the air ducts.

Clean the Compressor

The outside air compressor unit is integral part of your system, and it is important that it is in great shape. One of the biggest problems that can occur is that the compressor is not completely level. If the compressor is not level then the coolant that runs through the compressor will not be able to flow properly. You will also want to make sure that the compressor has no debris inside. Open the compressor and clean the inside thoroughly. Also, cut back any shrubs or vegetation that might obstruct airflow into the compressor.

Call a Technician

A major problem with the heating or cooling system in your home could cost a great deal of money. In fact many problems cost in the thousands of dollar range. However, hiring services like Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning to look at your system each year will only cost a fraction of this, and the technician can prevent many of these major problems. The technician will ensure that the components within the home are in good shape, and that you will not have any problems with the system in the upcoming year.