Blue Skies, Sunny Days And A Failing AC During Heatwaves: Top 3 AC Problems That Strike in Summer

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Blue Skies, Sunny Days And A Failing AC During Heatwaves: Top 3 AC Problems That Strike in Summer

23 June 2017
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As clear blue skies and sunny weather begin to make it feel like summer, there are also extremely hot days coming and the AC is running. When the weather gets hot, the AC in your home is working constantly to keep you cool and comfortable. Heatwaves during those sunny days of summer, also mean that many homeowners are going to experience air conditioner failures. Here are some of the most common AC problems that can ruin blue skies and sunny days:

1. HVAC Vents Are Blowing Out Nothing but Hot Air

During the heat of summer, you walk past an AC vent and notice warm air when it should be cool. What is causing your AC to blow hot air? The first thing you want to check is the filter, which may be blocking air flow if it has not been changed. Other problems causing warm air include a bad compressor, frozen coils or damaged ductwork. If changing the filter does not help, turn the system off for a couple of hours, and then, turn it back on. If the system is cooling when you turn it back on, it is probably dirty coils that are freezing. When your system still does not cool, it is likely a bad compressor that needs to be replaced.

2. AC Starts and Keeps on Running Without Cooling Your Home

You cranked the AC up, and it start but never stopped. What is causing your AC to be on a constantly run without really cooling your home? The problem is likely due to something simple, such as a bad thermostat but may be something more serious. Contact an HVAC service to test the thermostat and replace it if needed. If the thermostat did not solve the problem, it may be a more serious problem with the AC unit, which you should consider replacing if you have an old, outdated AC.

3. The Growling, Rumbling and Rambling of a Failing AC Blower

Your AC turns on, and it begins growling and rumbling like your home has some scary creature in the walls. What is causing your AC to make noise like it is going to eat your home? Problems with noisy AC systems are usually due to lose components or a bad blower. First, check the outdoor unit for any loose screws around access panels, especially if you have recently done maintenance. Sometimes, just tighten a screw or two will quiet down a noisy AC. Listen for where the noise is coming from; if it is around the area housing the blower, then it will probably need replacing.

Since your AC is working double-time to cool your home during a heatwave, failures are going to happen sometime. Contact an air conditioner repair service to help with maintenance and repairs, so you can enjoy the rest of the blue skies and sunny days the rest of the summer.